Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stay focused on yourself a while

This is one of my resolutions for 2011. The first one on my list and a really important one, I think. I remind myself of this some times in the past and when I try to realize this rule for me, it varys, how good I make it. “Stay focused” means for me, to do everything you do during the day with your whole heart, trying not to be distracted from someone or something at this point. When I eat, I eat and concentrate on the great food I give to my body. When I read something, I read and try not to think about my shopping list for three hours later. Especially when I learn, I really focus on learning. It’s hard to hold your thoughts together and not to zone out. But I know I can do it. And if I do so, I recognize that everything feels more intense. Often, people don’t realize, that there are racing thoughts in their heads while they were doing normal things like listening to music, walking, reading or cooking. If you stay focused on what you are doing right now, you do not allow yourself to think about small or big problems the whole time. Mostly permanent thinking about problems won’t help you, but makes you feel nervous. Staying focused should not mean that you should ignore other people or important things that happen. It simply means not to let your mind wander but to bundle your thoughts and energy to do, what you have or want to do in this moment. If you try this, let me know, how it works. xo, Mel.

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