Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Botanical Garden

Last weekend, we went to the botanical garden of my ancient university. I often go there at the moment to learn in the library, because the environment is so familiar for me and I'm not alone while I'm sitting there and reading textbooks. When I'm feeling lonely, I can make a call and one of my friends is always available for coffee. Last saturday, we went to the botanic garden, to enjoy nature. But there were so many people. During the week, when I sometimes go there,
there is always just me :)

There is an old tank or pool...whatever. Some weeks ago, a lovely friend of mine showed me, that in this pool are about 10 huge koi-carps and hundreds of small other fishes. They come to the border of the pool and we can feed them. It's amazing, they are so huge and make loud noises when they eat. I tried to make some pictures, but the quality is really bad. I'm sorry for this. Always, I pushed the button on my camera, the kois submerged. It seemed, they didn't want to be photographed. But here are my trials:

The flower has the same colour than my nail polish ;)

Last but not least: me. I'm looking a bit of sad, but I think this comes of my bronchitis, that doesn't go away since 5 weeks and I'm really pissed off. This weekend I nearly spent the whole time in bed, trying to sleep as much as I can to get ready for the week and for learning. My exam tests will start in 6 weeks and I'm so getting nervous. I hope from tomorrow on, everything is getting better :) New week, new luck!

Hope you all have a good start in this week! Love, love, Mel <3


  1. what a beautiful place! i love those shy koi, and the sweet serene look on your face.

  2. I love your pictures! The ones of the koi coming up to the surface are so cute :)

  3. We have a great botanical garden here too. I love it. Such great places.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. Those carp are giant!!! Loving your photos - my toes are painted the same colour as your nails. oxo

  5. I love koi fish so much! One day I want to have more of them added to my back tattoo :)