Friday, September 2, 2011

Little critters

Hej everybody,

the last few months have been very busy for me. I passed my final exams and I’m finished with the whole subject for now. I still don’t have concrete future plans, but at the moment I’m working at a nice company to finish a second apprenticeship I started in March. This will due till February and after that I will decide, what to do and where to work next.
But I’m really happy with the new situation. No more 14-hour-days alone at the library. So I’m done with the past and excited when I look ahead. And during the past days, I noticed that I’m getting more calm and serene with every new day and I love it.

Since 8 weeks I habe three new critters, I want to show you :)
You may ask how I got such spezial critters like Achat snails.

This is Amanda:

Some years ago in January a very little snail sat in the salad I bought at the grocery. I called the snail Rainer and he lived till August in a big glass in my flat. Then I brought him to the wood and abandoned him.

Years later I visited a zoo with my ex-boyfriend. They had a section with reptiles and insects. And in one big terrarium, I saw the biggest snail shells I’ve ever seen in my life. Achat snails from Africa. I was so fascinated and didn’t believe my eyes. And I said "When I’m grown up, I really want to have some Achat snails as pets at home.“

8 weeks ago I was grown up ;) One of my best friends gets to know someone who studies biology at university. And they are currently discussing Achat snails. So we asked him, if we can get some of them and after 2 weeks, me and my friend got three mini Achat snails each.

As you can see, within 8 weeks, they are not mini anymore ;) And they will grow and grow rapidly.

I will show you some new pics in a few weeks, you will be surprised, I think.

Hope you are all well. Have a nice and sunny weekend.

xo, Mel

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