Thursday, December 9, 2010

The silence of fallen snow

At the moment, Germany is snowed in. During the last two weeks, we had tons of snow here and driving in my car is always an adventure. Some days ago, I went to a deer park with a friend.We were the only visitors and the gate at the entrance of the park was open. Nobody sat at the cash point, so we just went in.

Even the slot machines for the animal food were frozen. But we were lucky and got one parcel with sweet corn that wasn't frozen.

After many weeks of illness, I lately decided to write my exams in February. Now I'm back and healthy again. I try to eat organic food, do my workout regularly and not to stress me as much as I did in the past. I hope this will pay off.

Hope you all have a nice pre-Christmas time ;)

xo, Mel


  1. Mel - so glad to hear you're feeling better!!

    i seriously can't get over this post because where I live people, would shoot and kill all of those animals! This is really amazing. I am sending this post to all of my animal loving friends!!!

  2. Hi---just found your blog. I have been sick too, it seems, since September. This year has been a doozy. Hope the deers cheered you up--what a beautiful bunch of pictures!

  3. i want to be at this park in the pictures right now!! i have never seen anything like this before...ever. is this a protected animal preserve of some kind?

    i just can't get over how many deer are in these pictures...and that cat and hog...amazing! animals are so near and dear to my heart and i wish more than anything that there was something like this here in the states.

    wow could i ramble anymore?!? so sorry i'm just utterly amazed :) ♥

  4. Those deer are sooo cute!! There are so many of them, I can never get that close to them!