Sunday, September 19, 2010

♥ Lovely Leeds ♥

Since my little sister studied for one semester in Leeds (UK) three years ago, I discovered my love for this city and for Britain itself. In the past years we've been there at least once a year for leisure. Three weeks ago, we made a 6-day-trip to Leeds and it was wonderful, like every time we go there.

Here are some pictures. More to come by and by :)

An owl is the heraldic animal of Leeds. I think this is great because I so much love owls :) Everywhere in the city you can find owls, like these ones ahead, which are on a bridge. But on many buildings you find golden owls or stone owls...owls in all variations and I love it.

One day we went to the City Art Gallery, where you can find world class collection of 20th century British art. They are presenting exciting temporary exhibitions there and they have also an excellent café. We ate delicious scones with rasperry jam and clotted cream and drank English tea <3.

Leeds has a beautiful waterfront and this year we had an apartment directly there.

The city is the heart of the West Yorkshire Urban Area and near an district which is called "Yorkshire Dales". A part of it is a National Park. The Dales are a collection of river valleys and hills among them. You find lots of old English stone walls and flocks of sheep. You can take wonderful long walks, visit caves or just sit and enjoy the beautiful landscape. During our trip we met two gentlemen (I think they were about 60 years old), John and Richard, who walked with us and told us the whole time about British history, politics and the Yorkshire Dales. They were on a one-week-trip through the Dales. It was really funny with them ;)


  1. Leeds looks so beautiful! I didn't have a chance to make it while I was in England, but now it's on my "to visit" list. Oh! And in Germany, I've just been to Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin and Potsdam :) I really love Germany! I miss the döner and parks and beer... America has such sucky beer...

  2. Oh my goodness! I used to live in Bradford, which happens to be in Yorkshire. Every so often my family would drive up to the Yorkshire Dales and walk around. It was so beautiful...I loved Leeds too. Lucky girl, I miss it there so much :)

  3. wooow these picutes love incredible, i wish i could go to england sooooo bad!
    cute nice :) xx