Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 things I've learned in my 20's (Part 2)

5) Appreciate the people you love
In the past years I’ve learned, how much some people in my life mean to me. The core of them are my mom, my boyfriend and most of all my little sister. I experienced how it is, to lose a very important person due to illness. In fact of that I am thankful for each and every person I love, esp. these three I mentioned. My little sister means everything to me. She is my best friend, my soulmate and the biggest love of my life. Sometimes I think we’re one person, we think and feel nearly always the same. I love her from the bottom of my heart. The same is aimed to the other two. Since many years I tell them that I love them several times each day. Some friends think that this is strange, but I am so happy to have my loved people in my life and I am very aware of that fact. So I think this can’t be wrong.

6) Being aware of the pieces life consists of
After I thought about that some years ago, I realized that (my) life consists of five important and different parts, which have to be in balance to live a good life. The pieces are: family, friends, relationship, work and recreation. Sometimes, one or two of these parts are in trouble, sometimes you have stress on your job or with your boyfriend etc. But as long as the other parts are in harmony, they can compensate the ones that are not running good at the moment. So I try to pay attention that all parts are in balance.

7) Do what YOU like
Not everything you do must make sense to others. In the past I always worried about what other people think about me. And today I find myself still worrying about other opinions at times. But what really counts are your own feelings and thoughts. If you want to do some risky or unreasonable things: just do it. It’s your own life and you have to be aware of the fact, that you only have this one life. Don’t spend too much time on thinking. Better act and do what you want to. Even if it’s not reasonable. There were times when I wanted to do some things and my friends tried to restrain me from doing it…and I listened to them and left it. And regretted it later. So, don’t bother about what others say. If you really want to do something, do it.

8) Don’t let others take advantages of you
I am a very friendly, harmonious and helpful person. But I tend to be altruistic and if I met the wrong people, they can rip me off. So I had to learn to say no and not to work so much for others that I’ll be worn off at the end. I don’t want to say, you should not help others, esp. your friends and family. Try to figure out, that you are not the only giving person in a relationship regardless which one it is. There should be a balance. Both sides have to give and both sides can take from the other. But if you’re like me in this point and tend to be selfless, take care of yourself. Balance the reasons, if it’s worth it or not, when you do something for others, esp. employers or someone you have just a nodding acquaintance with.

9) Be a lover not a hater
I learned that life is much better, if you focus on the things in your life you love and not on the things you hate or you’re angry about. If you focus on the bad things, you will become a careworn person. Some people in my life seem to need bad news to keep themselves busy with. Often they bellyache the whole day about small things or global things, that don’t concern them personally. This habit isn’t really good for you and your environment. Some years ago, when I was in a very bad mood due to some circumstances in my life, I decided not to fret about things that don’t regard me anymore. Instead of that I try to concentrate on the things that make me happy…even though it’s only the weather or a smile from a seller in a supermarket. If you try to focus on that, you sense more things that make you glad, I promise.

10) Find your passion/ love
No matter what it is. Everyone has more than one passion in life, small or big ones. That can be hobbies, work, people, countries. It can be really useful to be aware of that. Here are some of my passions and loves: I’m an animal and esp. horse lover, I love the UK - my favourite city is Leeds, the biggest loves in my love are my little sister and my mom, I forget the time while I play piano, draw, write or read, I love long walks in nature, one of my passions is urban exploring and getting to know secluded corners. I have many more of these things. You can make a list of your own passions and loves, it will help you to get a new impulse to do some of these things or to realize that you can be thankful for some of them.


  1. these are great and really great lessons too! i am trying to do more love then hate right now as i am soo not happy at work. doing things i love and being around people i love helps soo soo much! thanks for the reminder and thanks for stopping by my blog and the super super sweet comment!


  2. these are such wise lessons. my loves are animals, forests, creeks, flowers, cottages, old things especially clothes and fabrics, wools, stitching. i also adore the UK!

  3. Mel~ I LOVE this. Especially the one about doing what you love, not caring what others think. I need to make my own soon!