Sunday, October 2, 2011

Better times to come

During the past three weeks I stayed in bed with a huge bronchitis, sinusitis and so on. I overslept whole days. But finally I'm feeling a little better. Things will get better now.

Unfortunately I had to go to the vet with Lina yesterday morning because I discovered two more tumours and he had to put her to sleep. I was so sad, I kneed in front of the table where she lied and cried. After that I went to a park, searched for the nicest spot there on a hill and made a funeral for her.
It is so crazy how I adored this little little pet after only two years. She will always be in my heart.



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  1. Oh das tut mir ganz schrecklich leid. ich weiß leider ganz genau wie das ist. ich wünsche dir ganz viel kraft und hoffe du denkst an die vielen schönen momente die ihr hattet.

    lieben gruß