Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Short trip to Alaska, Africa and Asia

Sorry for my long absence on the blog. I'm currently learning for my exams. The tests will start in two and a half week and I'm stressed and really excited.

But last week, I took a break and went with two of my friends to the zoo. Just to clear my head in the current situiation and have fun with my friends. It was a great day. After 6 hours outside, it got a little cold. I took some pictures, here they are:

This is the entrance of "Alaska". The zoo has three parts (Alaska, Africa, Asia), and I like that you almost see no fences anywhere. Either the animals are behind glass panes or seperated by moats.

When we came to the sea lions, we were lucky to see the feeding. I loved how fast they could dive and how funny they look under water ;)

Finally we came to "Asia" and while it began to dawn, lots of really huge bats came out and flew through the big hall, which was a bit like a greenhouse. The bats were really sooo huge. They seem to me like some pterosaurian :)

It was a fun day. I hope I will find some time in the next weeks for some blogging. But now you know that my absence is caused by my exams. After that I will definitely be back regularly.

xo, Mel

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  1. Hi,
    schöne bilder...

    liebe grüsse

    (st.martin ist heute):)